Madi Meeks continues to build momentum as an up and coming singer\songwriter in the Austin music scene. Madi was recently nominated for two Austin Music Awards. These nominations include Best New Band and Songwriter. She was also selected as a Top 10 Finalist, and going on to be a Top 3 Award Winner in the 2019 and 2018 Old Settler’s Music Festival Youth Competitions. Madi has earned radio play and in-studio performances on multiple radio stations in the Central Texas area, including KGSR 93.3 FM, Sun Radio 100.1 FM, KTSW 89.9 FM, KVRX 91.7 FM, and KOOP 91.7 FM.

On July 29th,2018 Madi released her debut EP, For You, as the next step in the genesis of her young music career. For You validates her as a bona fide talent showing a maturity well beyond her age. Madi releases her raw emotions and passion into a musical expression. For You shows a current and fresh style that is not easily categorized and is uniquely her own.

The delicate debut of 16-year-old Madi Meeks is petal-like. Five swooning tracks enfold wistful remembrances and missed connections, arranged to spotlight the Austin native’s lush, formidable tone. Her slow-burning, country-hued title track launches on a somber note: “Roses are red/ Romance is dead.” Acoustic sparsity steps up “Broken Telephone,” followed by swooning fiddle arcs for serene “Locked In.” The eloquent intro bodes well for Meeks’ evolution. Rachel Rascoe, The Austin Chronicle

Madi started writing songs at eleven years old, in her hometown of Austin, Texas, “The Live Music Capital of the World”. Throughout her middle school years and her freshman year in high school she performed in multiple worship bands at school and at church, in addition to performing as a solo act in various venues.  

Madi regularly performs at venues around Austin.  Her sophomore year in high school, Madi received a scholarship and started attending the Austin School for Performing and Visual Arts in-order to further nurture her natural talent and drive. With time and talent on her side, Madi aspires to be part of the next generation of great Austin singer\songwriters. Music is Madi’s passion, and she wants to write and perform her songs all over the world. There’s nothing she’d rather do.

“As the genre permeates through ever-changing trends, it becomes increasingly difficult to make yourself stand out in the world of pop music. But when you’re born and raised in the Live Music Capital and have been writing since your tweens, the diversity and maturity of folks like Madi Meeks shine through all the other corporate cookie cutter pop formulas. Last summer then-sixteen-year-old songwriter Madi Meeks put out her debut EP, For You, showcasing her deep and delicate, yet vigorous vocal style, eventually earning her a couple Austin Music Awards nominations.” – Jack Anderson, KUTX

“One of Madi Meeks’ many strengths is her unusual voice. Her tone is rich and low, with a rolling kind of depth. It’s just lovely to listen to, and it makes all of her songs a bit more heartbreaking.” – Elicit Magazine

“Madi Meeks’s writing style not only demanded our attention, but allowed us to feel the same emotions that she did writing it. An impressive skill and important element to creating music that others can relate to.” – Keep Walking Music